Sportswear That Will Make Your Appearance Cool

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We all want the New Year to bring us all the luck and happiness in the world, but what it’s already gifting us is the mindblowing sales and new releases in any category. We all love receiving presents, whether it’s from our friends, our families, or from ourselves 🙂 In this blog, we have collected some of the hottest pieces of men’s sportswear you just have to acquire by the beginning of 2019. We’re going category by category for you to choose the best picks for your New Year’s fashion killa persona!

1. Hats


Talking about being badass, the new collection of PUMA x XO by The Weeknd has dropped and we couldn’t be more excited. With a beautiful mixture of multinational influences, this bomb new hat is already on sale and available at $24.99 instead of $40. It will take your style from cool to awesome to a real Starboy! Sportswear


If you want to combine stylish with warm and cozy then this Under Armour orange beanie is exactly what you’re looking for. This eye-catching color will be the cherry, or should we say the orange-on-the-top of your comfy winter outfit. Sportswear


The incredibly soft Nike beanie will go with anything and fulfill your New Year’s either casual or super cool look. The best aspect is that you can wear it with anything and would never have to worry to match with the rest of your outfit.

2. Sportswear: Hoodies/Sweatshirts

We’re heading to find the best hoodies and sweatshirts for your New Year’s killer look.


Kicking off with this Adidas Trefoil hoodie. This hoodie will not only make you feel cozy but also feel pride in Adidas brand. The huge Adidas logo in the center will mark its simplicity yet super stylishness on your casual look. It’s seriously a must-have in any man’s wardrobe! Sportswear


This next hoodie is looking for a real OG to rock it this upcoming year. Designed by rapper and another real OG Meek Mill, who puts commitment and dedication in all his work, this Nightmares hoodie, made entirely from cotton, will give you the most on-trend look ever! Sportswear


Ladies love men in this next Under Armour Fleece Logo hoodie. You’ll surely catch attention with this fresh shade. It’s simple, yet sophisticated. Once again, simplicity brings style and class. Not enough? It’s also on sale, so hurry up! Sportswear


Stand out and be different in this Nike Jordan Wings of Flight pullover hoodie! Its design will take you back in time to 1989 and the original Air Jordan 4 collection. The fabric is super soft and comfortable, just like 2019 is going to be 🙂

3. Sportswear: Pants


How can you call yourself fully stylish without a pair of sassy training pants? Take these PUMA Energy Desert Tapered pants for example. Everything in these pants was made to help you stand out like never before. It’s warm, it’s clean, and it’s too attractive not to keep an eye on.


Brace yourself, because this Under Armour Fleece joggers is going to blow your mind and captivate you. Extremely comfortable, either for your morning run or cardio, these UA logo embedded pants are literally perfect for any occasion.


Stretch the floor then make an entrance in these Adidas basketball pants. The split waistband and the ribbed cuffs will make you feel like a professional basketball player. But don’t worry, even you’re not one, it will definitely give you a sleek look.


You won’t have a problem exercising outside on hot or cold weather in these Nike Phenom pants. They are comfortable before, during, and after your run. When you get yourself the first pair, you just can’t handle purchasing the second one afterward!

4. Sportswear: Shoes


Spending all day on your feet is not supposed to hurt boys. That’s why you have to own the best and the most comfortable shoes on to keep you fresh all day. PUMA’s Thunder Spectra sneakers are inspired by the ’90s and will just make you feel unapologetic. Its

the design is eye-catching, it’s lightweight, and its price is reasonable.


Under Armour’s M-TAG Basketball shoes are designed to make you feel like you’re beating the gravity at its own game. They feel nice, light, and tight so you can make your mark wherever you step in them.


We know, we know… We can’t be ignorant whenever we see a Jordan, so we present to you the Jordan Delta Speed Training Shoes. These badass sneakers will let you explode in every direction. The flex and extra structure and the support of the shoe are a bonus to its extremely trendy design.


You’ve probably seen Adidas’ Boost technology everywhere, but the buzz isn’t just because it’s only cool. Built to handle all sorts of paths and sidewalks, these Adidas Pureboost Go lightweight and lethargic shoes will give you a smooth ride and delightful experience.

5. Sportswear: Tracksuit


And finally, arguably the most stylish type of sportswear – the tracksuit! You’ll always catch somebody’s attention with an authentic and rebellious tracksuit. Get noticed this year with this shiny Lacoste Sports Tennis tracksuit, where comfort meets performance. The trademark crocodile logo marks the fearlessness of this tracksuit. It’s also on sale, so hurry up!


Elegance is engraved in this next NikeCourt tracksuit. It’ll look cool yet classy in any weather. The matching top and bottom are made from smooth and lightweight fabric, and it couldn’t be any more comfortable.


PUMA’s got a legendary gear for its most legendary customers. The exotic yellow mixed with brown color is making this one exceptional.



The Under Armour Challenger Knit-up Suit is the ultimate manly tracksuit you’ll have your eye on from the moment you see it. Perfectly fitted, it’s durable with a smooth face & a soft inner to trap warmth.

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