10 Unique Presents For Your Significant Other

The most valuable presents come from the heart. Sometimes it could be really hard to pick the right gift for a partner, because you never want to disappoint. What will impress the person you’re already working hard to impress every day?

Since it’s the time of the year when gifts are on everybody’s mind, don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your relationship to another level. And no more sitting and brainstorming or asking advice from hundreds of people. Gentlemen, here are the 10 best and most unique gifts for your significant other for 2019.



          In this cellphones obsessed world, a phone case is always a good idea to gift someone. This silicone case can also be customized and allows you to enter up to 12 characters is available for any generation of iPhone starting from iPhone 5 in a variety of colors.  Either you would type your partner’s name on it or a simple word that specifies her the best, she will be thrilled any way! 


2. Hand Embroidered State Pillows

A wonderful way to celebrate unity and love, a pillow could be an option if you both appreciate the art of lying on the couch and relaxing. These handmade and soft pillows, manufactured by an elder couple in California who share the passion for traveling, will remind you of how strong and graceful your love is. Now how could this be more romantic?


3. Petal Palette Monogram Mug

Designed by a US-based artist Starla Michelle Halfmann, these handmade mugs are just perfect for enjoying your early morning coffee. The mugs are available in 26 different designs, each representing a letter of the alphabet. Take 2 with the matching letters of the first names for you and your partner and enjoy your morning coffee together!


4. The 100% Human Woman Cotton Muscle Tank in Double Print

Nothing does a woman like more in the world than feeling like a powerful woman. This Everlane tank top is super comfy for the beach, yoga, or just a casual walk outside. This tank is soft, breathable, and very flattering. It also leaves plenty of room so there isn’t any rubbing. And also in terms of equality, your girlfriend will love the print on it. Your partner will surely fall in love with you again upon receiving this gorgeous and sexy shirt. Gents, make your ladies feel like on top of the world!


5. FANCYCD I Love You to The Moon and Back Love Heart Necklace

Nothing can express your unconditional love better than literally writing it on a necklace and carry it next to your heart. This FANCYCD necklace with a “I Love You to The Moon and Back” engraving is the ultimate sweetest thing that your partner would adore. It’s available in 6 different shapes, so you can choose the one that matches the best with your partner’s heart.


6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera

There are no more precious gifts than unforgettable memories with your loved one. This Fujifilm Instant Camera will help you to capture the moments together and take out the picture instantly. The instax mini 90 demonstrates unique characteristics, such as bulb and double exposures, macro mode and high performance flash.


7. Impressions Vanity Company Touch Pro LED Makeup Mirror with Wireless Bluetooth Audio + Speakerphone & USB Charger

          Every girl should be confident while putting her make up on. This touch pro LED mirror is tomorrow’s technology but in the present. It includes a wireless bluetooth audio speaker and a USB powerbank charger, so your girl can stream music on it, listen to YouTube make up tutorials or even pick up the phone and answer the call hands-free while doing her make up!


8. Pandora Women’s 590702HV-20 Sterling Silver Barrel Clasp Bracelet

Everyone loves Pandora! So this is your perfect opportunity to purchase this iconic Pandora bracelet for your partner. It’s the most popular Pandora bracelet and if your partner already collects Pandoras, then this one will be a valuable and priceless addition. It’ll remind her of you everytime she drops a glance at it.


9. Alex and Ani Spiritual Armor Plume Bangle Bracelet

          Surprise your girl with this original and elegant bangle bracelet. Alex and Ani’s expandable wire bangle concept lets you to adjust the bangle until it fits perfectly on your hand. It is a because it is totally crafted from recycled materials.


10. Coordinates Bar Necklace

This one is for never ever loosing each other, in the most literal way. You can customize this necklace by writing the longitude and the latitude of your significant other’s location or any other location that means something special to her and there you go! You have an excellent and unique present ready. We are 100% sure she will appreciate the creativity 🙂



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