Lebanon ​: 4 Camping Site to Explore This Summer

It’s camping time! The sun is back, and the warm weather too! So if you’re around Lebanon anytime between April and October, check out these 5 campsites not to be missed in case you want to explore Lebanon.

1. Lebanon: Amchit / Les Colombes

Very accessible and cozy, camping Les Colombes in Amchit has built a name for itself by providing guests with camping space, bungalows, rooms, barbecue equipment, and more. All of that in an affordable package, it is a perfect getaway for beginner campers or tourists who want the unique experience of camping next to the sea. And yes, you can swim there.


2. Lebanon: Cedars Ground Campsite

This extraordinary campsite is located deep within the Chouf area. Surrounded by incredible stargazing spots and pristine nature, Cedar Grounds Campsite provides tents, mattresses, barbecue equipment, kitchen, and various amenities. You can just go there only carrying some food, sleeping bags, and a change of clothes, and you still be in for an amazing weekend.


3. Lebanon: Ehden Adventures

Perched 1,450m above sea level and located close to the village, Ehden Adventures offers a breathtaking campsite and a host of eco-tourism activities. Additionally, you will be just a short drive away from Ehden’s Natural reserve, one of Lebanon’s most diverse forests and a beloved hiking destination. Finally, Ehden is home to some 26 churches and renowned traditional Lebanese houses.


4. Chahtoul

Chahtoul camping is a vibrant site which offers more than just a beautiful setting to pitch your tent. You can satisfy your hunger with barbecue amenities and traditional Lebanese mezze, or you can go wild with activities such as archery, climbing and more. Chahtoul is also famous for its pilgrimage site Our Lady of the Fort (Saydet El Qalaa) where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared.


With a wide variety of activities and sights, but all offering an amazing experience, these sites will take you all over Lebanon! And if you want to gear up before you hit the trail, check our article on the 5 pieces of camping equipment you need for this summer in Lebanon.

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