Does Amazon deliver to Lebanon? The answer in 2019

Here’s a question we hear a lot: Does Amazon deliver to Lebanon? Short answer: no. As Lebanese however, we are not conditioned to take no for an answer, so we’ve come up with some solutions. But the best one available yet?

Here is our website where you can place your orders:

Here’s what Amazon does deliver to Lebanon

Books. Sorry, some books. If you’re lucky enough, your vendor will have worldwide shipping but even that is a very rare occurrence. Well, that was a short answer

Amazon: And for the rest?

For the rest, well you have one of two choices: either wait for a family member or a friend to make the trip, or go through a parcel-forwarding service, but it’s quite the hassle. To fill that void, we found a middle ground: What if we paid travelers to carry the items of buyers? That’s exactly what On Your way offers. We help buyers ship in their order from Amazon, eBay, B&H, Sweetwater or any other store in the US and Europe by helping travelers to come to Lebanon at reduced rates by renting luggage space. It’s a win for everyone!

Amazon: What advantages does have over the others?

-Price: We keep prices fair and divide the shipping fees between the travelers and the company, cover the former’s ticket cost and the latter’s operations expenses.

-Happiness: We help people travel. That means our travelers get to visit their friends and families, discover a new country, make memories, and live meaningful experiences.

-Transparency: On Your Way offers final pricing right from the start. This means that any price sent covers all expenses and is safe from any hidden cost. We also keep our users in the loop when it comes to the status of their items and their delivery dates.

-The human touch: On Your way provides you with human support, human travelers, and human experience.

Awesome! How do I start?

Go to our homepage, paste the link (1) and click “Place Order” (2).


Add more items (1) or confirm your order(2). 


We will send you an email within 24 hours with the exact and definitive price for your delivery depending on your method of payment. All you’ll have left to do is to enter your payment info (if you chose to pay by card) and receive your precious parcel at home.

The price we give you is guaranteed, no hidden fees, and we work closely with our travelers in order to ensure that all your items arrive safely to their destination.

Visit our website at

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