The 5 fun pieces of camping equipment you need for this summer in Lebanon

It’s spring and camping season is upon us! It’s very is a popular activity in Lebanon, and campsite is often well equipped with tents, mattresses, barbecue spaces, and more. So while the basics are covered, we’ve found 5 fun pieces of camping equipment to make your experience a unique and comfortable one.

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Camp Shower for Camping

If you’re a city person going camping, your first-morning reflex might be to look for the shower. While not all camps have them (and not all of them are decent), you can simply get yourself a nice camp shower. These range from just a showerhead with a pump to solar-powered heated water systems. So if you really want the comfort of a warm shower in the morning, simply get your hands on this Advanced Elements solar heated portable shower: it can take up to 20 liters of water and warm them up during the day for you to use whenever you need.


Portable coffee maker for Camping

So what if you’re in the great outdoors? You still need that morning coffee, which tastes even better with the trees, the view, and just a few friends. With this portable coffee maker, you can get your cup of joe anywhere with no capsules to throw away or any waste. Just fill the machine with water, the reusable pod with coffee, and let it do its wonders. A new level of outdoors breakfast is right around the corner for you….


Stove/Power outlet for Camping

Imagine a device that makes a fire to keep your warm or let you cook, then harnesses its own energy to provide electricity so you can charge up your phone. That’s exactly what Biolite Energy does: It runs on wood and can boil 1L of water in under 5 minutes. It also gives you 3W of power, more than enough to charge up your necessary equipment.


Child Carrier

If you have your kids but still want to go on outdoor adventures, you’ll want to get a child carrier. But not all carriers are born equal, and when it comes to camping you need something a little more advanced than a baby papoose. You’re looking for something sturdy, safe, lightweight, with extra storage and a sunshade for your child. Osprey’s Poco AG Plus has all that and much more so you can enjoy Lebanon’s lush nature with your family.


BONUS: Solar-powered anti-mosquito lantern

This is Lebanon in the summer. You’re going to get some serious mosquito action if you don’t protect yourself, and “Catol” might not be efficient enough here. So get yourself an anti-mosquito lantern. They’ll attract the insect and zap them away so you can hang out and sleep in all comfort.


And if you’re fully equipped but still don’t know where to go camping, check out our post about the top 5 camping destinations in Lebanon!

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