Make This Father’s Day Memorable

In June the world will be celebrating the International Father’s Day. Although the general trend came originally from the US, the celebration has now spread worldwide and currently, it is a much-awaited event in every part of the world, including Lebanon. In Lebanon, there is already a fixed date for the celebration, which is June 21st each year. It’s always pleasant for a father to be appreciated for their hard work and compassion, regardless of the age, so without further ado, here are some interesting gifts to surprise your father with on their special day.

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Vinglacé Wine Chiller on Father’s Day 

A stainless-steel mug that will keep your wine cold and drinkable for many hours. This wine chiller is compact for carrying it anywhere with you and quite aesthetic to put next to you on a dinner table. You just need to unscrew the top, place your wine bottle inside and it will keep it cool all day.

Vinglacé Wine Chiller In Dark Brown To Gift On Father's Day


Ralph Lauren Metropolis Leaded Crystal Decanter to gift on Father’s Day 

This Ralph Lauren crystal jug is a great decoration for the dinner table, as well as an elegant gift for your father. You can pour any drink in this decanter and serve your guests in a very delicate environment. It’s solid, it’s aesthetic, and it goes well with anything and every kind.

Ralph Lauren Metropolis Leaded Crystal Decanter Gift On Father's Day


Fossil Ward Leather Wallet as a gift for Father’s Day

While all of our source of income was at one point our father’s wallet, we want to make sure it’s kept in safe and stylish conditions. Fossil and style are always in parallel. This two-toned leather wallet in blue and brown will add up to your dads classy and smart look perfectly. It also has an RFID shield, which will keep your belongings in a safe and sound space.

Fossil Ward Leather Wallet In Blue And Brown Gift On Father's Day


Chanel “bleu de Chanel” Eau de Parfum

A gentleman that has a sleek look, should also smell nice. Encompassing a woody and sharp scent by Chanel, this Eau de Parfum is always a nice idea for a lovely gift. The fragrance is made from fresh citruses and ambery Cedar, amplified by TonkaBean and Vanilla.

Chanel “Bleu de Chanel” Eau de Parfum Gift On Father's Day


“One Awesome Dad” Mug

A cute gift for a coffee or tea lover, this Father’s day mug is there to let your dad know that he’s the best father in the world. The mug is available in both black and white, with “This guy is one awesome dad” written on it, and a cute little mustache underneath, depicting the image of a truly amazing father.

A Mug With A “One Awesome Dad” Print On It, Gift On Father's Day

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