Amazon Prime Day with On Your Way

Amazon Prime Day : what’s all the fuss about ?

Amazon Prime Day is Amazon’s sales bonanza, reserved for Prime members : every year, millions of products go on huge sale. Last year for instance, they sold Kindle, Echo or Bose headphones at 50% off. It’s basically Amazon’s own Black Friday !

Part of the Prime Day fun is that you don’t know in advance what products will be on sale. So if you need to do some shopping, make sure to check Amazon out early next week.

Amazon Prime Day : but it’s only for US Prime Members right ?

Yep. If only you knew someone who had a Prime membership and could send those orders to Lebanon… (hint: read on!)

Amazon Prime Day : when ?

Amazon Prime Days will be this coming Monday & Tuesday, July 15 and 16. It’s a pretty short time span so be quick !

Amazon Prime Day : how to shop with On Your Way

So you’ve probably guessed by now that if we’re writing about this, we can help !

Here’s how to snag that sweet deal you’ve found:

  1. Find a deal you like by browsing on the website or app. The Prime Day deals will also be listed here.
  2. Send us the link to the item you want (as usual, on our order page) on July 15.
  3. We’ll send you a delivery offer within a few hours. If you accept, we’ll quickly complete the purchase before the end of the Prime Day offer !

The best part ? Your order will get to Beirut within two weeks !

As usual, we are here to help in the run-up to and during the Prime Day.