Rolling out a full WhatsApp service

The people has spoken !

A few days ago, we launched a small page where people can vote on the features they’d like to see on On Your Way. The idea behind it is simple: let’s make sure we build a service that people actually have a need for.

So, even if some users voted more than once (which we actually think is pretty cool as it means people are engaged!), we now have pretty clear guidelines from our community. Thanks guys !


We like WhatsApp. We know you do, too.

The overwhelming leader of the vote is the launch of a full WhatsApp service. So we’re testing it out, starting right now!

The aim is to move the whole ordering process to WhatsApp, as it remains the easiest and most popular interface out there.

Just send us the link to the item you want on +961 71 640 397 and we’ll do the full quoting and confirmation on the app. While we wait for Facebook’s Libra to come out, if it ever does, payment will be in cash, on delivery :).

An order would go something like this :

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-28 at 11.00.49

Same service. Same prices. Only simpler.

We hope this will make ordering those products from abroad easier than ever.

As usual, we’re here to answer any question you might have.