Lebanon’s Top 10 Most Popular Foreign Shopping Websites

As a universal ecommerce portal, we know pretty well what Lebanese preferences are when it comes to online shopping. Based on our orders data, we’ve tallied up which stores our users buy the most from! But is your favorite store also a big hit with other Lebanese ?

It would spoil the fun to tell you right away, but you might have already guessed who the winner is!




10. Apple

Type: Electronics


Little surprise to find Apple in the top ten! Although the phone import duties have made it less interesting to buy (some) phones from abroad, Apple’s wide offering, from earbuds to watches to iPads, means we are still seeing a steady order flow for those items.



9. Walmart

Type: Retail


The world’s largest brick-and-mortar company is now available anywhere through its online store. Walmart’s philosophy of cheap prices and excellent quality has been passed on to its online store, which has already been around for two decades. Unsurprisingly, our clients like it too!



8. Etsy

Type: E-commerce


Etsy is not as well-known as some other brands on this list, but it drives some very active users. If you don’t know, this e-commerce website gives amateur artists and craftsmen the opportunity to sell their handmade works to a broad audience worldwide. From jewelry and clothing to buckle belts or paintings, this is a go-to place for people who are looking for unique gifts.



7. Ralph Lauren

Type: Fashion store


We spend a lot of time shopping on the internet on our customers’ behalf. So trust us when we tell you that the company’s online store is super convenient to shop from and offers frequent sales and coupons on multiple collections, which explains its popularity with our clients. That, and the cool polo logo of course.



6. Adidas

Type: Sportswear


You definitely know Adidas, and you’re obviously not alone ! Definitely one of the sports lovers’ favorites, Adidas never disappoints with style and innovation. If you’re looking for convenient running shoes or gym apparel, there is a wide variety to choose from.



5. Sephora

Type: Cosmetics


Sephora is our customers’ favorite beauty store, hands down. 

While all major beauty company’s products are on their website, our clients have their favorites. The ladies of Lebanon (and maybe a couple of gentlemen as well, but we won’t tell!) love HUDA products ! 




Type: Electronic cigarettes


The hype about JUUL in the past couple of years has been huge. This vaping company has become extremely popular among the youth all around the world, and here is one of our blogs on how to get JUULs to Lebanon: https://blog.onyourway.io/2019/06/17/a-guide-to-juul-products-and-how-to-get-them-to-lebanon/



3. Nike

Type: Sportswear


Kicking off our Top 3 is one of the most beloved brands by professional athletes – Nike (the e at the end is pronounced!). Nike is famous for prioritizing the cool and the stylish, and it’s one of the key reasons why most of us cannot resist those running shoes or stunning hoodies.



2. eBay

Type: E-commerce


Very close to being our customers’ most favorite online store, this e-commerce company is the runner-up of our countdown. You’ll find the most incredible deals on eBay, have them customized, and acquire with just one click with the help of On Your Way.

But what about auctions? Well, we can also handle those. Just drop us a line if that’s something you want to do.



1. Amazon

Type: Retail


And the absolute winner is … no other than the ultimate online shopping king Amazon. Starting just from a small bookstore, Amazon has officially grown into the largest company in the world. It is no surprise that it’s the most popular website among our customers, since you can find literally anything that goes through your mind with the most competitive prices and super fast delivery! Here’s more on how to purchase Amazon products to Lebanon: https://blog.onyourway.io/2019/04/21/does-amazon-deliver-to-lebanon-the-answer-in-2019/