How to obtain 1520 exchange rate from your bank Or 6 Easy tips for saving money when shopping from abroad

1- Boxed/unboxed
We recently launched the option to send the item unboxed. Hopefully, you trust us enough by now to know that we buy the genuine stuff. By removing the box, we can put more items in each traveler’s suitcase, which reduces the costs. And those savings can be passed on to you ! If you don’t need the box, you will save 10-40% on shipping fees.

2- Combining multiple products into a single order
As you might know, we have a minimum shipping fee of $8 per order, which can make it relatively expensive to ship a very cheap item. But if you combine two or more items into one order, the minimum doesn’t change.

So instead of buying just one lipstick, stock up and buy three, the shipping fees will be more or less the same ! Here’s how to place a multi-order

3- Light, expensive items is what we specialize in
Given that our products are brought in individual travelers’ suitcases, we tend to be the best in the market for exactly those. We’ll be the cheapest option on things like small electronics, cosmetics, computers, phones or branded clothing…

4- Use coupons
If you have a coupon that you are confident will work, just share it in the dedicated box when placing your request, we’ll make sure to use it when we order !

5- Take advantage of the deal of the week
As you know, we run weekly deals on popular shops, for which we slash our delivery fees. Be on the lookout for those every Monday, our prices are unbeatable !

6- Pay with the card connected to your LBP account
As you know, the USD rates today went up to the sky. Does it mean that shopping from from abroad got 50% more expensive? NO! Shop with On Your Way,  pay with your LBP card and your bank will exchange the amount at the official bank rate.

It means that for you $50 purchase from our website, your bank will charge you around 76000LBP. Some would call this magic, we call this being smart. 😎


7- Extra tip since you read till the end ! 
We have an ongoing promotion on Order anything from American Nike’s website, and we’ll ship it for just $10. Enjoy!